Email Marketing


Here is example of Store4’s message grid :


  1. Example of message in inbox
  2. Select message(s) by - read/unread, all or none.
  3. Additional menu for messages, you can mark message as read, important, spam or delete it.
  4. Message folders, Inbox for incoming mail, Sent Mail, Important , Drafts, Spam and Trash

And from here you can access message’s Action menu


  1. Add contact
  2. View Account settings
  3. Refresh page

Here is an example of Account settings page :


Compose Messages

If you wish to send someone a message, it’s never been easier. Click on a Mail icon on the top right of your screen, then click Compose.

This window will appear :


  1. To whom you are sending message
  2. If you wish to add more recipients, just enter them here
  3. Type subject of the message
  4. Tools for formating message. There are : Bold, Italic, Underline, Unordered/Ordered list(s) and paragraph formating tools
  5. Message content goes in here.


When you click on add new contact from action menu within messages this window will appear :


  1. Contacts First name
  2. Contacts Last name
  3. Contacts Title
  4. Contacts email
  5. Contacts phone
  6. Contacts Company
  7. Type of the contact. It can be : Friend, Client, Lead and Prospect.


Subscriber Lists

Email Templates

Email Campaigns