App layout is common to all pages and divided into three major areas: Side navigation, top navigation bar and content area

Side Navigation

Side navigation is a place where you can access to different areas of the platform, depending on your licence model.


Home - Clicking on this logo/link you will go directly to Store4 dashboard

Site Content – Here you can manage all site related content and much more

Stock – In here you can manage your Inventory, Suppliers and Purchase Orders.

Sales Orders – Here you can manage your Customers, Products, Quotes, Orders, Invoices, Shipments

Payment – Here you can manage your Payments

Email Marketing – Here you can manage your email templates, subscribers and email campaigns

Form Builder – Here you can manage your custom forms and related content

Members – Here you can manage portal members and member related pages

Security - Here you can check for audit logs, block or allow access to app, schedule task and much more

Site Localization - Here you can make changes to site resources or translate site to you language if it is not supported.

Settings - here you can change general app settings

Sign Out - Sign out from you app


  1. Store4 Logo - Clicking on this logo/link you will go directly to Store4 dashboard
  2. Triple bar - Clicking on this icon you will shrink side navigation, which is perfect for mobile devices. Also known as Hamburger menu.

And here is the screenshot of minimized side navigation :


Top Navigation Bar


  1. Access your inbox or read messages
  2. Change current language
  3. User profile menu - your accounts settings and other profile related links are located here

Store4 Dashboard

While developing Store4 we had user experience on our highest priority. Our main dashboard is grid looking and its simple place where you can quickly manage your data.


Title - Section title

Search – Search for specific data record(s) by using relevant search terms. Search by title, name, description or even expression.


From Store4 dashboard you can access everything with ease. When you open any administration page inside Store4 you will notice that by design filter controls are on top of the opened window, while main controls (add, edit, delete) are located in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Filters - There are many filter options you can use in Store4. By design they are located on the middle-right part of the screen. Use filter controls to filter current grid using specific filter option and filter results will show in the central grid.


Entries - relevant data records. Depending of data is represented in the grid, it has slightly different layout.


Entry Options - here you can easily edit and delete any selected data record and more.


Sorting - You can sort your data records using column name and sort direction.


Pager - you can check a number of records and with ease navigate through your records. This is also to a good place to set a number of records shown in the grid.


Dashboard controls - central point from which you can add new entry, delete(archive) data and refresh grid.


  1. Add record
  2. Archive record
  3. Refresh Grid