Roles and accesses to certain Store4 functions is managed by Admin via Membership page.


An authentication and authorization is a key requirement for many web applications which you want to develop.

To add a member to Store4, member has to have valid & unique e-mail address. From membership page you can add as much members you'd like, just enter their username, password, email and alter their privileges accordingly. After that , you can simply track members activity via Audit log.


To start adding members to Store4, click on the “+” button on the bottom right corner of your screen, and main dashboard controls will pop-up.

Via dashboard controls you will be able to add, delete or delete member(s). User with a specific role has possibility to export/import member(s) via CSV file.


Adding new member

To add a new member please click on the ‘+’ icon in the right screen corner and you will be redirected to “Add New Member” page. To enter new member you will need to enter member username, email, password, time zone and his role(s).


Editing member

On edit member page you can modify following member entries

General - general member information like username, email, time zone, avatar and password.


Profile - profile related fields like Member First and Last Name


API - The application allows you to create API token which gives a possibility to use application functionality in other applications which need authentication and authorization.


Attempts - member log


A Role defines the set of tasks a user is allowed to perform. For instance, the role of Admin encompasses every possible task that can be performed within Store4. On the other hand, the Blocked role prevents to sing-in or execute any other action.

Each role is given name that highlight the core functional responsibility of the role and each role has its own color, name and settings properties. The settings property is used to keep text information which can be used as configuration string for different purposes by third party applications.


This is a list of all system roles in Store4 that come by default.

  1. Admins - Group of users that are responsible for the complete portal management and admin related screens
  2. Editor - Group of users that are responsible for the complete portal management
  3. Blocked - Blocked members for some reason
  4. Self Registered - Group of user who have been registered independently via public UI
  5. Not Activated - Group of user who have not activated their account using notification email
  6. API Members - Group of users who use API for some purposes
  7. Self Activated - Group of users who have activated their accounts
  8. A-Social SignIn - Group of users who signed in via Social Networks

Adding a new Role

To add new role to role list please click on the ‘+’ icon in the right screen corner and window will popup. To successfully add new role you need to enter role's name and if you wish you can select its background color (optional).



Here is the list of all purchased Store4 plugins. Via this window you can organise what access for team members.


To assign role to plugin role click on entry option and click on assign roles link


And new “Assign Roles” popup will open.