From this place you can track whats happening in Store4's application background. Store4 supports the following type of audit events: System, Application, API.


System - describes application unhandled exception, and other system detail informations;

Application - describes the application function result (member and role creation, sign in/ sign out etc.) or action comment;

API - describes API method execution results or comments.

Feel free to use this feature, or you can switch it off. The audit log allows analyzing different type of events and provides extra information like a query string, request parameters, cookies, exception message and detail etc.

The last audit event will be always on the top of event list. Rows will be collapsed if event description contains more than 80 words. Some rows will contain detail link which will provide extra information about events. Audit log gives you an ability to see what happens for application and application members. If you don’t need it simply switch it off.

  • By default it is switched on.

If bug appears in Store4, this page will help us fix it, you can see log details by simply clicking on the log entry.


IP Restrictions

From this section you can block certain IP addresses to ban them from connecting with Store4.


Adding IP address

To add IP address to block list please click on the ‘+’ icon in the right screen corner and windows will pop-up. You will need to define valid IP address and choose whether IP address will be blocked or not.



Domains grid is the list of available domains so you can use it to restrict profile fields visibility by domains.

If you’ve created a profile fields by the default they will be visible to all domains. To change that click on the field name on the ‘Fields page’ and click on “Restricted By Domains” or “Restricted By Roles” tab and check domains or roles which you need.

You can select a member domain on the member edit dialog or it will be assigned during sign up process. The domain name will be set for a member during signup process or you can find the member on the Members page, click on the member name and set the member domain on the Domains tab.

You have a possibility to add domain items and assign specific profile fields to a specific domain items, so those fields will only be visible for selected domains.

  • You can do the same for roles as well.


Adding a new domain

To add a new domain to domains list please click on the ‘+’ icon in the right screen corner and a window will popup.


Scheduled Tasks

You have the possibility to schedule any task(s) within Store4. This will help you to automatically perform certain routine tasks on Store4.


Adding Scheduled Task

To add new scheduled tasks, please click on the ‘+’ icon in the right screen corner and new window will popup.


  1. Task - Unique name of the task

  2. URL - URL which will be triggered by the task scheduler

  3. Type - plain text for informative purpose

  4. Schedule dropdown - How often will task be triggered
    1. Interval (enter time span in seconds) - it defines time interval in which task will be triggered
    2. Daily - task will be triggered once a day
    3. Monthly - once a month
    4. Weekly - once a week
    5. Yearly - once a year
    6. Once - task will be triggered only once
  5. Start Time - Time when the tast will be triggered

  6. Description - Short task description