Welcome to your Store4 Profile Home page. From this page you can socialize, track your friends, add a new post, picture, file or even record your voice and show it to your collegues!


Store4 has built-in social network that helps you and your team members openly collaborate and stay on top of it all.

  1. Freely collaborate with your team : share ideas, work together and iterate in real-time posting on your wall
  2. Stay connected : with Store4 you’re just a tap away from coworkers, information and conversations.
  3. Share photos and videos : snap a pic or capture a video, then easily share it with coworkers.
  4. Interactive notifications : get notified of team activity in real time.

User Profile

Posts - Here you can share ideas, work together and iterate in the real-time posting on your wall. On your user profile, you are able to see all posts from your friends and you are able to comment and like their posts. On the other hand, if you visit profile page from some other user, you will be able to see only posts related to this user.

Here is an example of Store4’s profile page:


  1. Your name and logo
  2. Profile gear menu
  3. Button for reset background photo and adding a new one
  4. All your friends & connections
  5. Place where you can publish something to your friends.
  6. Additional options for post : Check-in, take a picture/upload a new one, Add file and voice recording feature.
  7. Here you can see all your friend’s posts.


From gear menu you can quickly go to the :

  1. Home page - here you can see all your friends & collegues posts.
  2. Your Posts - all your posts are shown here.
  3. Friends - All your friends and contacts
  4. Settings - Your Store4 General Settings
  5. Sign out - Log off

User Wall

Wall is a private page where you can post, see comments and like(s) only posts that are posted by you or your friends.

Account Settings

Account setting is a place where you can change your username, time zone, password, avatar and other related information


  1. Upload profile picture
  2. Reset profile picture to default
  3. Choose your time zone
  4. Your username will be shown here
  5. Your valid e-mail address
  6. Your password
  7. Username
  8. First name/ Last name and other member profile related fields


Friends/contacts is place where you can see all your friends, manage leads prospects and clients from one place.


Filters - Filter your contacts by search term type: friend, lead, prospect, client

Dashboard - here is the place from where you can manage your contacts, follow/unfollow friends and much more

Dashboard Options - edit or delete contact


Dashboard controls - Here you can add a new contact, delete the existing one, refresh grid or import/export contacts via excel file.



If you wish to change your profile picture, open account settings and on the left side is shown your current profile picture


  1. Simply click on the picture icon to upload your new avatar, please note that you can upload a JPG, GIF or even PNG file. File size limit is about 4 MB.
  2. Resets your profile picture to Store4’s default one